What's the Difference Between Plantation Shutters, California Shutters and Traditional Shutters?

Installing custom shutters can add a bit of brightness and sophistication to your rooms.

As they are a permanent investment, you’ll want to make the decision that best fits your style and budget. After all, premium shutters may even help increase your Wichita house’s value.

There are a wide variety of interior shutter styles to select from—plantation shutters, California shutters and traditional shutters. Plus, there’s a huge variety of colors, stains and materials!

There are tiny differences between the three styles, and they could influence how these shutters will appear in your house. Among the main differences is the louver width, but there are other contrasts in addition.

When you collaborate with a window treatment specialist like Louver Shop of Wichita, we make it easy to select the best shutters for your residence.

Our free, in-home consultation aids you begin. We’ll bring the options to your house so you can view our beautiful, durable shutters. That way, you can notice how the tints and materials will complement your windows.

Keep reading to discover the tiny differences between the three kinds.


Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are the top-selling interior shutters now. They’re frequently available with a 3 ½” louver but can also have 2 ½” or 4 ½” louvers.

If you want a contemporary look that can add life to any area and add a luxurious touch, plantation shutters are a great choice.

Materials and Colors

Quality shutters are built from thick cellular PVC, furniture-grade wood or a combination of the two materials.

PVC helps use less energy because it insulates up to three times better than wood. It doesn’t weigh a lot and is long-lasting. Wood provides a traditional appearance and can be stained to fit your preferred color option.

They frequently are available in light colors to lighten up a room, but also are made in darker tints.

Louver Size

Louver thickness affects how broad of a view you’ll get when your shutters are open. And how much sunlight will be let into your residence.

  • 2 ½”—This the thinnest louver size for plantation shutters. It works well if you want to work with existing shutters in your house or are going for an antique appearance. This size is good for small windows, but also can be used on large ones.
  • 3 ½”—This is one of the most popular louver sizes, because it offers a contemporary style. It works with small to large windows while letting in abundant light.
  • 4 ½”—This is also a popular louver thickness, as it has an ultra- up-to-date appearance. It’s ideal for big windows and patio doors, since it delivers the biggest view.

California Shutters

California shutters have a 2 ½” louver that’s frequently white.

Quality versions of this shutter are created from thick cellular PVC or furniture-grade wood. They might also be manufactured from a blend of the two materials.

This type of shutter can be stained or painted a range of colors, though California shutters are commonly a lighter color. This keeps rooms bright while allowing in sunshine.

Because California shutters have a thinner louver, they have a more classic style. They suit either small or large windows.

We can help you make this style for your house by personalizing our most wanted plantation shutters.


Traditional Shutters

Traditional shutters are a historically accurate option with small frames and 1 ¼” miniature louvers.

Quality versions of this shutter are made from blemish-free hardwood, such as basswood. They offer a classic appearance that complements any window height.

We built Louver Shop of Wichita on these shutters many years ago. At this moment, we’re one of a handful of companies in the world who still offer this style.

Fit is Crucial for Custom Shutters

A close fit is crucial, no matter what shutter style you design.

Off-the-shelf shutters can seem like a great buy, but they may possibly not be suitable for you windows. And if they’re made in China, you never know what kind of quality you’re going to get. Or how long they’ll last.

That’s why we’ll complete skilled measurements ahead of custom-manufacturing your shutters here in the USA. Then we complete the process with pro installation to give a good appearance.

To start creating your shutters, give us a call at 888-428-1415 or contact us online to schedule a free, in-home consultation. We’ll bring styles to your house, measure your windows and offer you a Complete Comfort Pricing™ quote. All at no cost and without pressure.

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